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Affiliate Manager

His role is to generate qualified traffic to his website through an affiliate network ( with partner websites called affiliates)


His role is to generate qualified traffic to his website through an affiliate network ( with partner websites called affiliates). The affiliate manager can operate in two kinf of structures with different objectives.

Either he works in a company, he is responsible for web and partnership deals with a multitude of tasks. He has to explore potential affiliates and select the best sites possible partners to gain visibility on the web. After this selection, the affiliate managers approaches various affiliates to negotiates the best partnership deals (commercial and revenue terms). He, then, follows up the campaign through reportings to judge the relevance of his choices. The affiliate manager focuses his attention on the ROI indicators that inform him on the latest trends (s) of the campaign (s) and. Finally, the affiliate manager is also doing a daily competitive reporting in order to be able to make adjustments in a very short time and to adapt to different competitors sites.

Either he works within an affiliate network, he then acts as an intermediary between a publisher (affiliator) and a partner site (affiliate) and shall provide advice on the type of campaign to lead development and optimization the affiliate network.

Required qualities

Among all of the digital marketing jobs, affiliate manager is the one that requires the most a taste of contact and business development. This job also requires extensive knowledge of the web and of the various acquisition channels. In order to negotiate better terms with affiliates, empathy and conviction are undeniable qualities to succeed in this position. The affiliate manager must also demonstrate responsiveness and anticipation in order to fully optimize the affiliate campaigns.


Affiliate and partnerships Manager have generally a Master degree
• ESC or IEP marketing option with a specialization in Internet / New Media and Innovation Management
• Internet Schools
• IAE or Master with communication option


An affiliate manager can work in web agencies, affiliate networks, or Web department of an advertiser. He can become an affiliate expert or head of web marketing project to master other acquisition channels.


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