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Android Developer

The application mobile developer takes care of developing apps on Android for all the Smartphones using Android as operating system


Pour connaître les spécificités du métier de Développeur mobile, nous vous conseillons de lire la fiche métier développeur mobile.

Android Specificities

Nowadays, people use their phone to call but also to use all the applications within their Smartphones. From now on, we can play games, look at the information, see movies or listen to some music and even download files.

To do it, the application mobile developer takes care of developing apps on Android for all the Smartphones using Android as operating system. The applications which are developed are numerous and diverse: music, games, information, services of geolocation, social networks, payments, communication, QR codes …
The application mobile developer can use a SDK or an API, a tool specialized in the writing of programs. This kit of software development was made accessible by the developers of Android to make simpler and more practical of use the development of applications by avoiding the developer to confront with a stiff interface.

To develop on Android an application, the Developer Android can use several tools, one of the most popular being Eclipse. They then need to download Java JDK 6 and Android SDK tools.
Generally the Android developer works within a team of time switches allowing him(her) to realize more ambitious projects.
Furthermore, this kit was integrated into the platform of Java development used by Java developers wishing to develop on Android. This kit works with all the operating systems: Windows, Apple and Linux BONE.
Numerous people who are not used to the programming use App Inventor, a tool available on Web. It is very practical from an ergonomic point of view thus really accessible for the amateurs 


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Paris, France

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Lead Développeur #iOS #100kUsers @PurePlayerLyon (H/F)

Lyon, France

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Head of UX (orienté mobile)

Paris, France

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