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Community manager

The Community Manager is also called web host communities. Its function is to bring together a community of users around a common interest.


The Community Manager is also called web host communities. Its function is to bring together a community of users around a common interest. It also tries to facilitate trade and ensure compliance with the rules in the community (good behavior).
It develops on behalf of an organization (or brand association) their presence through social media (Facebook, Twitter, Blog ... etc.).

The use of Community Manager has been the growth of the web. Initially, moderators, mostly found on forums and video gaming sites, controlled the smooth functioning of trade between users.
Today their usefulness is not limited to regulate trade. They aim to monitor a community but also to boost the image of the organization. By paying attention, they can detect potential problems and opportunities in the community (reviews, opinions, ideas and suggestions of members) and to maintain a balance.
Indirectly, their desire is to monitor the online reputation of the organization and maintain it through all the social media tools that exist (social marketing).

Federate a community of Internet users around a common interest

Working conditions

A Community Manager is usually part of the communications team or marketing a business. average working time will vary depending on the company he works for.

Required qualities

The Community Manager must master social media tools and networks as well as the language in which it operates (writing skills). Technical skills are also needed to manage the animation sites. It may be necessary to use collaborative tools (newletters, blog) and functionality of social networks (promotional campaign, Facebook ads, social marketing).
Knowing how to use the reporting tools and traffic analysis and e-reputation is essential to study the company's activity.

The Community Manager must be attentive and have good general knowledge to participate in community life (in debates). His intellectual curiosity, his taste for new technologies and social media help to strengthen understanding and responsiveness to the community.

The Community Manager should be listening

Formation Community Manager

The courses that allow applying for a job of Community Manager are many and varied.
You can, for example, undertake vocational license Optimizer and Web Editor in a cycle of 3 years.
Then you can prepare a professional Master Social and Human Sciences mention Information and Communication (specialty media and communication), which allows to acquire a good knowledge of the world of web and good writing skills.


Several options to Community Managers.
- You can reach any type of business with an Internet community.
- There are also communication agencies that have services designed to improve the reputation online of some companies or even individuals.

Community manager salaire

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