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Digital copywriter

The digital copywriter provides a suitable textual content for websites.


The digital copywriter provides a suitable textual content for websites. In this business the rules of writing are different from traditional writing (the press) . You need to have a dynamic style and be easily understood, the attention degree of attention is lower on the web. A good digital copywriter must know how to present clearly the information and consider SEO issues. The copywriter must be fluent in the language he writes but also have a good knowledge on the technical side (HTML).

Working conditions

The digital copywriter works on the website content. The production of new content takes time because it requires, before writing, he must look for information and / or illustrations. He integrates textual and non-textual content to the site via the Administration Tool Site (CMS / Back office ) .

Required qualities

To be a digital copywrite, the qualifications will be based primarily on the language (spelling, grammar, syntax and vocabulary). He must also know the rules of writing on the Web. Moreover, he must have a good knowledge of web: operation of search engines (SEO technique for content) and HTML basics. Mastering the content management tools like WordPress is part of his expertise in the web.

The digital copywriter have these qualities: curiosity, ability to synthesize, rigor and creativity, to be relevant in its analysis.


Depending on the position and the company, the digital copywriter job has usually a bac, bac +3 or +5 , followed by internships.
You can undertake a Web Editor bachelor's degree and continue with a bac + 5 Master specialized in languages ​​& writing.


The digital copywriter can work:
- In the editorial or communication department of big companies
- in web agencies 


See the salary study made by Urban Linker's team.
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