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Graphic designer

​The graphic designer is the person who contributes to the creation of different media (poster, logo or video games).


The graphic designer is the person who contributes to the creation of different media (poster, logo or video games). He can also work on making 3D films, animated film or doing computer graphics. He is an important element in a company.

The graphic designer is masters both computer side and graphic side .
He uses special software called DTP ( Desktop Publishing ) for the layout or editing of photos and images.

Working conditions

Collaboraring with an artistic director , he is usually part of a multimedia team (photographer, webmaster, programmer, 3D animator ) with whom he is developing various projects. His working tools are composed of very different image processing softwares to perform.
Facing multiple projects at the same time, the graphic designer must be able to manage stress and lots of work. 

Required qualities

The current standards for graphic designers are based on technical knowledge and ability to communicate in a team. In his work, technical skills are essential (mainly knowledges of photo softwares).

He is creative ( ability to imagine shapes and colors), reactive (adapts quickly to new software on the market) and versatile (able to work on varied kind of projects). A good adaptability is essential to meet all kinds of demands.


There are many ways to become graphic designer .

BTS option visual communication in multimedia  is a first step to become a graphic designer. After the BTS, The famous school "Les Beaux arts" devlivers diploma to bac + 5 . There are also private schools that offer the opportunity to become a graphic designer.


The graphic has several choices to pursue his career:

- Multimedia companies ( website creation or video games ) are often a good start for a graphic designer .
- Communication agencies and audiovisual production companies are also looking for freelance graphic designers


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