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The hacker growth may in fact be perceived as a person with diverse and varied skills from code to marketing


Many people associate the growth hacking to a state of mind: a boundless curiosity and a willingness to try anything. The hacker growth may in fact be perceived as a person with diverse and varied skills from code to marketing. He is able to analyze data, discover new models and find innovative ideas to generate growth. The growth hacker is versatile and is able to anticipate trends, whose profile corresponds fully to the needs of start-ups. 

The growth hacker is not simply a webmarketer profile, he combines a mix of many skills he uses to generate growth. The person in charge of growth hacking should primarily be carrier of new ideas that will support the long term growth of the company. They identify the channels that will be the most efficient for the development of start-ups. The growth hacker will have to adjust the company's strategy based on innovations that appear. Secondly, his purpose is, beyond the loyalty of users to find new services to monetize in order to increase corporate profits.

Required qualities

The Growth Hacker must be an open-minded, data driven, curious and rational person. It appears essential for him to rely on facts and not beliefs in order to anticipate market trends. Finally, he must question himself permanently and must be able to adapt his processes, tools and actions according to the results of his analyzes.

The growth hacker must possess a number of skills that include digital marketing, analytics, psychology and anthropology. In addition, he must have very strong notions in development to know on what he works. Finally, the user experience is also one of his main concerns, in order to better anticipate user / customer needs.

Formation growth hacker

Growth Hackers often have technical profiles based (type: web developer) having an excellent mastery of the code but they can also have a marketing background. Engineering schools, Web schools, the DUT (University Technology Diploma Computer Science at IUT Paris Descartes) or BTS (BTS computer) can be considered as training leading to this type of position.


Currently, only start-ups are relying on this type of profiles as they are flexible structures with models that can be changed relatively quickly. However in the medium term it is not excluded that big companies will hire this type of profile.


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