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Mobile developer

The mobile developer, IOS or Android developer performs specific computer programs devoted to mobile and nomadic environment


The mobile developer, IOS or Android developer performs specific computer programs devoted to mobile and nomadic environment. In a context of increasing use of mobile tools ( tablet , smartphone) , projects undertaken are related to specific web sites, applications ( video games) and also online services. He is in charge of analyzing the project according to the customer's needs and try to find a technical solution to make the application

Working conditions

Collaborating with the web project manager, he meets the technical demands. He is in permanent contact with the project manager to update him about the project progress and the difficulties encountered. He is also in touch with other employees (webdesigner) on the project to coordinate the application production.

Required qualities

The qualities required for Mobile developer are based on technical knowledges : he must master the mobile applications and uses (image, language, computing power, memory used) and have a background (HTML, CSS). He must know how to use specific software ( statistical measures , SEO, search engine) .


Usually the mobile developer comes from an engineering school.
The mobile developer must have a good JAVA background if he wants to develop application on Android whereas he needs to have strong knowledges in C if he wants to develop application on IOS.


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CTO / Directeur de projets web et mobiles

Paris, France

Agence digitale spécialisée dans la VR cherche son nouveau CTO pour prendre la direction des projets web & mobiles !

CDI Agency 40 à 55 k€

Développeur Fullstack #Symfony2 #AngularJS H/F

Troyes, France

Situez à Troyes, cette entreprise vous donne la possibilité de travailler sur des technologies modernes dans un contexte international.

CDI Agency 25 à 40 k€

Lead Android #Startup@Lyon (H/F)

Lyon, France

Super team Android cherche son nouveau Gourou !

CDI Start-up 40 à 60 k€

Turn your tablet