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SEO consultant

The SEO consultant (SEO Search Engine Optimization), also called SEO or SEO web manager, is responsible for improving the visibility and audience of a website.


The SEO consultant (SEO Search Engine Optimization), also called SEO or SEO web manager, is responsible for improving the visibility and audience of a website.
The hearing and the positioning of a website on search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo ...) depend on the quality of the SEO.

To get a good quality optimization, the consultant focuses its mission on three points: the optimization of the website structure (technical design), optimizing each page by choosing relevant keywords (semantic optimization) and creating links back or "back links".

These objectives allow the site to have a better visibility, better indexed on search engines and appear in the rankings in good long-term position. This will play directly on the number of visitors and the quality of the visitors.

The consultant orients its mission around three points

Working conditions

Rattaché au service marketing de l’entreprise, le consultant SEO est généralement polyvalent dans ses fonctions. Il peut intervenir de plusieurs façons dans un projet : webmaster, analyse de traffic, etc.

Le consultant peut donc évoluer de différentes manières au sein de son entreprise et se consacrer à une tâche aussi bien rédactionnelle que technique mais ceci dépend de son environnement de travail.

Required qualities

The qualifications for web SEO based on technical knowledge and good working practices.
He must have a good knowledge of the business environment (its products, its services, its business sector) to provide coherent solutions.

To work on the content of sites, it must have a basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP and manage the editorial and technical aspects of web and office software like Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).

Curious and rigorous, it must have listening skills and good interpersonal skills. His analytical mind and initiative allow it to be fully involved in projects.

It must have listening skills and good interpersonal skills


There are multiple ways to get SEO consultant. Many of them are self-taught. But there are also courses such as vocational license Optimizer & Web Editor as proposed at the IUT of Mulhouse.

It may possibly finish his training with a Master Marketing specializes in web as Master Web Business at the Higher School of Commerce and Digital Economy of Paris (Paris 19th) that will open SEO manager positions.


Several choices are available to SEO Consultant.
- In a web agency or an agency specialized in web marketing, the SEO will have to work in teams and to work for all types of clients (SMEs, Large groups).
- As a freelancer, the consultant can be a client portfolio. He supports their search engine optimization needs (hearing, sight).

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