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System Administrator

The network or system administrator ensures the proper functioning and implementation of a communication network


The network or system administrator ensures the proper functioning and implementation of a communication network. He sets up the strategy for the telecommunications infrastructure to adopt for the network architect. He also provides technical assistance to users.

Responsible for all the technical issues of communication, he optimizes network operation. His tasks also the lead well to manage the installation and optimization of corporate computer networks  but also to master all the networks he has to face.

Working conditions

As a system administrator, he has a function more versatile. he may  also supervise and support the sales teams .
He sometimes works with the development team (developer, network architect ) to build a new network system that ensures communication systems

Required qualities

A system administrator desperately needs deep knowledges in networks. Controlling devices such as switches (network equipment) , he knows how to design projects within an organization : realization of the networks establishment, performance tuning and maintenance in case of break down.
Reactivity, taste of contact, interpersonal skills, adaptive speed and good communication skills are essential qualities for the administrator system.


The system administrator background can vary according to the profile but generally the classic training is a specialized bac +5.

You can choose to start with a Bachelor's Degree and then continue in an engineering school that offers to train you with Specialized Masters (type: Master Management and Protection of personal data )


The system administrator has several choices for his career :
- System administrator can work for consulting companies or consulting firms operators ( France Telecom, Cegetel, Bouygues ... )  .
- He can also join large companies (banks, transport...) Various sectors such as car industry need system administrator to improve their information systems. 


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