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Traffic Manager

The traffic manager is the person responsible for generating traffic on a website.


The traffic manager is the person responsible for generating traffic on a website. The Traffic Manager is also responsible for the site analysis, optimization, management of campaigns on affiliate networks and partnerships with other sites. He analyzes the site through his dashboard (page views, click rates, conversion, average basket) and according to his observations he makes recommendations.

He also takes part in the selection of the media (type of banner advertising, rich media), implementation of the campaigns (with a webmaster, set up banner ads) and the follow-up (monitoring of clicks on the advertising campaign report).

Working conditions

Collaborating with the marketing manager, he keeps him informed on the campaign progress. In order to create quality traffic, he has to be a teamplayer to clearly identify the targets defined by other services (marketing department, financial). He is working closely with the various contributors to the company's website (webmasters,UX designers, salesman, engineers).

Required qualities

The qualities needed to be traffic manager are based on organizational and analytical skills.
Rigor, and a sense of responsibility are essential in an industry where every decisions are important and risky.
His ability to communicate is essential to manage the internal relations with the commercial department and external relations with publishers, agencies and advertisers.


There are multiple ways to become Traffic Manager. There is no specific training and sometimes the traffic managers are self-taught.

First, it is possible to do a bachelor "Traffic Analyst" and pursue with a Master.


There are severam ways to become a Traffic Manager.
- He can be a consultant where he manages campaigns for clients.
- He can work in a company with a website requiring precise statistics on its traffic and performance.


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