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UI Designer

The designer UI (User Interface) handles the connection between man and machine


The designer UI (User Interface) handles the connection between man and machine. He is in charge of the overall design of the interface, the clarity of navigation, route optimization and also the quality of content. He is the one who organizes graphical and textual elements based on technical standards.

On the contrary to the UX designers who are interested in the user experience, UI focused on the visual look and feel of the product. They are responsible for every page designer with which the user interacts and ensures consistency with the visual "road user" directed by the UX Designer. It will look for example to visually define the error displays on the pages or warning states.p banner ads) and follow (monitoring of clicks on the advertising campaign report).

Required qualities

One of the most important quality for an UI designer remains creativity, UI designer must be able to innovate and imagine all the time. It is necessary that the UI designer knows how to justify his choice and to find an agreement with the UX designer on the adopted user interface. Finally mastering the Adobe suite (Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator ...) and sketchfab is essential for the UI designer.

Formation UI Designer

There is no specific degree to become an UI designer. However, there are courses in digital art, graphic design, computer graphics, computer and multimedia that can lead you to this type of job. Here is a list of courses that will help you to become UI designer:
• BTS graphic design, digital media and communication option
• DUT multimedia and the Internet
• Public Art School Diploma: École Estienne, Ensaama (Olivier de Serres), Beaux-Arts in Paris ...
• Private school Art Degree: Gobelins (image School) Esag-Penninghen, Émile Cohl ...
• design school diploma or multimedia: Supinfocom, Iscom, International Design School ...
• Bachelor (3 years): Web creation, design, communication ...
• School Diploma computer engineers + certificate graphic design.
• Licence pro arts and technologies of the virtual image (Paris 8)
• Licence pro digital creation and development online (Paris 8)
• Master pro arts, digital creation and engineering (Valenciennes)
• Master Pro design of multimedia and internet interfaces (Paris 13)


Companies need an UI designer to attract and retain users of their platform. An UI designer as the UX designer can consider the job of project manager, after a few years of experience.

Salaire UI Designer

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