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UX Designer

The UX designer's main task is to improve the user experience on any platform


The UX designer's main task is to improve the user experience on any platform. He focuses only on the expectations and needs of the user, considering the objectives of his client. His role is crucial: he must simplify the use of the website and create a positive emotion by incorporating a "story telling" to the user experience in order to retain them. His role is to ease the handling of the site, his accessibility and generate confidence among users.

The UX Designer is responsible for broadcasting the user experience on all media whether web, mobile or even TV. To do this, he does an audit of the user experience and identify the key points of it. He then transcribes the results of his diagnosis in interfaces, trees and functional specifications or even charts.

Working conditions

The UX Designer must emphasize the main points of the user experience to the department in reponsible for the project. He has to agree with the artistic director on the visible part of the interface in order to be user friendly and consistent. Within an agency, the UX designer works closely with the creative teams while in an advertiser he is collaborating with the marketing department.

Required qualities

One of the primary quality of UX Designer remains creativity, UX designer should be able to imagine and build solutions all the time. He must detect new behaviors and analyzed them. He identifies and highlights all the crucial points of the user experience. Finally, he has to master tools such as Balsamiq and Axure.


Il n’existe pas de diplôme spécifique au métier de web designer UX. Il existe cependant des formations en art numérique, graphisme, infographie, informatique et multimédia permettant de conduire à ce type de poste. Voici une liste non exhaustive des formations pouvant mener à devenir UX designer :
• BTS design graphique, option communication et médias numériques
• DUT métiers du multimédia et de l’internet
• DUT informatique
• Diplôme d’école d’art publique : École Estienne, Ensaama (Olivier de Serres), Beaux-Arts de Paris…
• Diplôme d’art d’école privée : Gobelins (École de l'image), Esag-Penninghen, Émile Cohl…
• Diplôme d’école de design ou de multimédia : Supinfocom, Iscom, École internationale de design …
• Bachelor (3 ans) : création Web, design, communication…
• Diplôme d’école d’ingénieurs en informatique + certificat création graphique.
• Licence pro arts et technologies de l’image virtuelle (Paris 8)
• Licence pro création et développement numérique en ligne (Paris 8)
• Master Direction artistique numérique / UX Design de L'institut supérieur des arts appliqués
• Master pro arts, création et ingénierie numérique (Valenciennes)
• Master pro design d’interfaces multimédias et internet (Paris 13)


Companies need an UX designer to attract and retain users of their platform. An UI designer as the UX designer can consider the job of project manager, after a few years of experience.


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