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Web architect

Web Architect is a technical expert that aims to create or develop a website or application.


Web Architect is a technical expert that aims to create or develop a website or application. Often sought on large projects, it guarantees the parallel functioning of the website. In connection with the project manager, it solves the problems the site may be experiencing. It validates the operating procedures and can verify their implementation.

He takes care to analyze the constraints of a website and provide a planning level (new procedure) if the constraints of the latter are too complex (technical complexity, poor service or use). If a site has good visibility (increase traffic to a site, download data), it may have to intervene to adapt the site to new resources to avoid saturation of the site.

In connection with the project manager, he solves problems

Working conditions

Can be described as an architect technician. Constantly evolving the technologies surrounding it, so it must be to the page in order to develop technical updates (redesign or simple modification) to project managers or project owners.

Reporting to the Director of Information System, web architect is involved in all projects since it is involved from beginning to end: from conception to implementation. The architect has an important place within the company. It can create environments for it and is a technical term capitalization for the company.

It operates from beginning to end: from conception to implementation

Required qualities

The qualities needed to be an architect based on technical knowledge and ability to communicate in a team.
In his work, technical skills are essential. There must be expert in development (5-10 years experience) and have a good background in engineering systems and networks.
He knows identify web trends and adapt to new constraints related to changes in the technical environment.

The web designer is open and listening to the problems of others. Autonomous and polyvalent, he quickly assimilated the objectives in order to complete projects and meet deadlines.

Autonomous and polyvalent, he quickly assimilated the objectives


It is necessary to have a developer journey to become Web Architect.

In training, we must opt for a pro master or an engineering school specializing in computer science, networks and telecommunications. However it is also possible to perform a Bachelor architect web.


Several options to web architect.
- In a web agency, it will have to work in teams and to work for any type of customer (SME, Large groups).
- The web designer can perform a service company in Computer Engineering (SSII).
- Within large companies.

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