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Web Designer

The webdesigner has for objective to design a website: the architecture, the illustrations, the animations, the organization of the web pages and the browsing


The webdesigner has for objective to design a website: the architecture, the illustrations, the animations, the organization of the web pages and the browsing.
It is an essential phase in the development of a website. The design of a Web design includes specific constraints to the internet support in term of ergonomics, of fasability and accessibility.

The web designer is requested from the beginning of a project. He creates the site map as well as its graphic contents.The graphic designer creates the visual identity of the website and sets out the graphics standards. While respecting the specifications, he meets the needs of the customer and shows his artistic sense through the creation of the website.

Working conditions

Web designer evolves independently or in team. Even if he is has a large freedom in his work, he also has to diversify his creations for his customers.
Therefore, he has to devote time with every customer to realize their project.

The web designer is managed by the project manager who validates his work (content, graphics standards). Often working in a hurry to answer, as quickly as possible, to the customers requests, the Web graphic designer must be well organized.

Required qualities

The qualities required to be to webdesigner are linked with various technical departments.

He must know how to use the computing tools to integrate on the websites (Flash, Javascript, HTML) and softwares such as Photoshop and Indesign.
The graphic designer need to be creative but also curious, dynamic and reactive to adapt to every kind of issue and to work independently. He must have good interpersonal skills (ability to listen, diplomacy, patience) when he works in team.


The job of webdesigner is quite special because it requires a control as well of the IT knowledge as the graphic aspects. There are many ways to become a graphic designer.

You can for example, begin with a training Second-year university level in an IUT specialized in "Services and the networks of communication" then continue with a bacchelor in "virtual communication".

Finally, you can end with a Master degree in science of the communication.


Several choices are possible for web designers:
- They can work in web agencies which need web designers to work on the graphic and visual aspects their clients
- They can work as a freelancer and realize projects for different companies


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