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Startup interview: Klassroom

At Urban Linker, we are passionate about startups, so we're always happy to share some beautiful projects with our readers! Have a look at this (...)

Women and web development : where do we stand ?

Women and web development, two terms that were not assosicated in the past. Happily, things are (...)

Changing jobs : follow the guide

What if changing jobs was exactly what you need right now?

Master the Skype interview

Ah, the Skype interview… We all go through it, but some do significantly better than others ! (...)

Urban Linker and Station have entered into a partnership !

We are very proud to announce that Urban Linker and Station F are now partners !

E-Sport: decoding a new trend

What discipline is having more and more users and credibility by the minute? E-sport of course! (...)

Are "Digital Nomads" the future of work?

Who has never dreamed of being a “digital nomad” and being able to work from basically (...)

6 genius tools to boost your productivity

Finding an awesome job is not it, now you must keep it!

8 habits to lose when looking for a job

Looking for a job is a tough test… Here are 8 habits you should lose if you want to get that (...)

Montpellier : the Sunny French Tech Attitude !

In a few years the Mediterranean city has entered a new era to become one of the most attractive (...)

Developers : the French events you won't want to miss

Dear developers, stop whatever it is you're doing! Here's the list of the best events all around (...)

Why did working in a startup become so hype?

What is it that makes startups so fascinating?

Meetup : the French startups & AI

Come and meet the most innovative start-ups in Artificial Intelligence !

Bordeaux, the developers' new Eldorado

What makes Bordeaux so attractive to developers?
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