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2017 salary study: sales and webmarketing jobs (Paris)

Let us share with you or first salary study on Sales and Webmarketing jobs!



With over 400 recruitments in one year, made for pure-players, startups and big groups, we have identified and analyzed the evolutions of sales & webmarketing salaries.
The study was carried based on salary information gathered by the recruitments we made, for pure players, web agencies, software editors, startups and digital departments of big groups. The data collected have been balanced by a qualitative and empirical approach, in order to be as accurate as possible compared to the market it illustrates: Urban Linker’s senior consultants, experts in digital jobs, analyzed the results.

This study is a quantitative and qualitative analysis, based on the recruitments carried out before January 31st 2017, and only involves the geographic area of Paris and its surroundings. Numbers are given in gross k€/year. 


Salary Junior (0 to 3 years) Confirmed (4 to 8 years) Senior (+ 8 years)
Community Manager 25-32 K€ - -
Social Media Manager - 35-45 K€ 45-60 K€
Web Project Manager 25-35 K€ 35-45 K€ -
Affiliate Manager 28-35 K€ 35-45 K€ 45 K€ et +
Webmarketing Manager 30-43 K€ 43-60 K€ 60-80 K€
Marketing & Communication Manager 35-40 K€ 40-50 K€ 50-60 K€
Traffic Manager 30-40 K€ 40-50 K€ -
SEM Manager 30-35 K€ 40-45 K€ 45-50 K€
CRM 35-45 K€ 45-60 K€ 60-65 K€
Acquisition Manager 38-50 K€ 50-65 K€ 65-70 K€
Growth Hacker 35-45 K€ 45-60 K€ -
Product Owner 38-48 K€ 48-65 K€ 65 K€ and +
CMO - 50-70 K€ 70 K€ and +
CDO - - 100 K€ and +
*K€ gross/year (fixed + variable) – Source: Urban Linker for greater Paris

The massive trend of digitalization in companies over the last few years has led to an increasing number of recruitments, to answer the numerous challenges related to webmarketing. Companies’ expectations on these jobs have evolved, so do profiles and remunerations.

Because they became pillars of growth and profitability, marketing profiles are more and more sought after. However there are still some disparities depending on everyone’s specialization and the environment they’re evolving in. A startup will most likely look for broad skilled profiles, used to generate a high income with very low resources: more often than not, the same person will have to define the strategy and put it into place.
We notice that skills on paid traffic and client acquisition (PPC) are particularly sought after and involve a salary increase (10 to 15% more than other specializations). The reason is quite simple: when used correctly, the return on investment can be massive and quite quick for tools such as Adwords or Facebook Ads.  

Demand for profiles mixing marketing and technical skills is also growing: people mastering both these are in for a better salary. The growth hacker is a good example of a hybrid profile: mixing technical & marketing skills, an opportunistic mindset and great creativity, he/she is able to increase the number of users of an app (and therefore its growth) with limited resources. The growth hacker is quite in demand for startups. The salary can go from 45k€ to 65k€ for a 3 to 5 years experience. Overall, the more technical skills a growth hacker masters, the higher salary he/she can expect.
We also notice the advent of Product Owners in startups. This profile progressively becomes an essential link in middle-sized structures (30 to 40 employees minimum). Product owners’ main mission is to create a link between technical, marketing and design teams. They are pretty rare profiles and they must master wide skills while also having a business and product oriented mindset. It’s a key role that is often directly attached to associates, and it’s no surprise to find that product owners’ salaries are quite comfortable: up to 3 years experience, one can expect 38-50k€, salary can increase significantly above 3 years of experience (50-65k€ between 4 and 8 years of experience). Product owners with a technical background (developing skills in particular) can usually expect a salary slightly higher than the usual.

On the contrary, we can see a drop in companies’ demand for some jobs. It is often the case for different jobs that can merge into a single one: emailing skills can be interesting for a CRM job in the broader sense. We can also notice a huge drop in needs for jobs related to affiliation. Salaries for these jobs are impacted consequently: a junior profile will earn between 28 and 33k€; a senior profile (between 3 and 8 years of experience) will be between 40 and 45k€.
A little word on social media managers: their number is increasing since companies realized how necessary it is to have a person (or a team) entirely dedicated to handling their e-reputation. Simply by looking at the number of job offers on the market, you can tell that social media remain an extremely powerful acquisition and notoriety lever. By analyzing our study, we can tell that community managers don’t spend their whole career in such a position: their salary often reaches a limit (around 45k€), and they rarely work more than 8 years on social media; they often choose to reorient towards other marketing jobs offering a wider scope. 


Salary Junior (0 to 3 years) Confirmed (4 to 8 years) Senior (+ 8 years)
Business Developer 30-45 K€ 45-60 K€ 60-90 K€
Inside Sales 24-30 K€ 30-35 K€ 35-40 K€
Account Manager 30-37 K€ 37-50 K€ 50-60 K€
Key Account Manager - 50-70 K€ 70-100 K€
Sales Manager - 65-90 K€ 90-120 K€
E-commerce Manager - 50-70 K€ 70-100 K€
*K€ gross/year (fixed + variable) – Source Urban Linker for the greater Paris

The organization and the profiles of a sales center vary depending on the size of the company and the industry it evolves in. In the digital sector, a startup uses social media daily, and tests new tools all the time: because they evolve in a world that changes quickly, startups have a greater flexibility regarding processes, and rethink their methods frequently.
To adapt to the market, startups no longer look for the field salesman who only hunts with “cold calling”, but rather a multi-skilled profile who will be able to imagine, detect and use different levers and digital channels to attain his/her objectives.

Usually, the smaller the startup (in terms of workforce), the more she’ll be looking for a “360 profil”, someone with a wide sphere of competences who is also able to take a step back and to think strategically. The name of this job is often “Business Developer”.
Concretely, he/she is able to generate leads through different tools and webmarketing channels, but also to turn these leads into meetings while working on the offer’s positioning and the best communication to use. In most cases, the Bac +5 profiles (from the top 10 Business schools), with 6 months to 2 years of experience, ideally in the digital sector, will be sought after. Salary goes from 35k€ to 45k€, including variables. Whether it’s on a niche market or in technical sectors (API, mobile applications, business intelligence, data, SaaS, IoT, etc), sales people with a precise expertise and a bit more experience will be privileged. Depending on the years of experience and the expertise itself, salary may vary from 60k€ to 75k€ for a profile with 3 to 5 years of experience, and from 80k€ to 110k€ for a profile with 5 to 10 years.

Startups with at least 5 sales people tend to structure their teams according to the client’s journey. On one side, there’s the “hunters”, whose unique objective is to open new accounts. Prospection is usually one of their missions. They also work with the marketing team who generates leads for them thanks to different levers like emailings, partnerships, SEM, content managements, events, etc. On the other side, the account managers (called the “farmers”) are there to retain the portfolio while increasing profit thanks to up-sell and cross-sell.
This latter organization may be frustrating for some sales people who would want a broader scope of intervention. As for the salary, it goes between 35k€ and 45k€ as a package for account managers with a 1 to 3 years experience, but can go up to 45k€ to 60k€ for a hunter’s profile.
It may seem easy to recruit “hunter” profiles, because the candidates market is quite big, and many applications are often sent for these job offers. However, good hunters are extremely sought after because ROI for these talents is immediate for the company. The recruiter must be very reactive in his recruitment process and his decision-making if he meets a decent candidate who seems to be a good fit for the missions and the company’s values.
Currently, we also note that sales profiles with an experience in SaaS products are extremely wanted. And in this sector, remuneration can be quite interesting. 

Country Managers salaries

Salary Junior (3 to 5 years) Confirmed (5 to 8 years) Senior (+ 8 years)
Country Manager 45-60 K€ 60-90 K€ 100 K€ et +
*K€ gross/year (fixed + variable) – Source Urban Linker for the greater Paris

Setting up a company abroad often starts by recruiting or naming a country manager. This position has great responsibility and is quite different depending on the line of business. The country manager is the key to the company’s success in the targeted country. His/her role is quite operational at first, whether on the sales or marketing activities, but he/she also must handle the strategic aspects of the development. As the project grows, country managers tend to drift away from the operational part and focus more on the global handling of the entity, partnerships and representing the company in front of the press and the public. It is quite a “swiss army knife” profile, able to handle on his own (or with a tiny team) the entire deployment of products or services for a new country, and to take a step back to structure and lead a company in case of a success. The main role of the country manager in the company and the years of experience impact the salary greatly. Therefore, a country manager with 5 to 8 years of experience can have a salary from 70k€ to 100k€.

In a pure-player, the position of country manager tends much more towards a webmarketing position: acquisition of new users, creation of a new community, partnerships with affiliation platforms, with blogs and websites… Different marketing campaigns will have to be launched to grow and retain the community (CRM, emailing, displays, newsletters, search, social media, etc). Being in touch with press agencies and planning events is also part of his/her missions. In a BtoB sector, the position may include more commercial responsibilities. In startups, junior profiles can expect 40/45k€ for this job. 

Why this study is purely indicative and should not be used as a basis for a salary negociation:

  • This study is based on the job market for sales & webmarketing profiles in the greater Paris area, for permanent contracts.
  • This study does not take the type of company into account (startup – pure player – big groups – software editors – agencies).
  • This study is adjusted by the analysis of Urban Linker’s senior recruiters.
  • This study analyses salaries of profiles recruited between 2016/2017 and do not include profiles currently employed.
  • This study takes into account the previous experience on other environments that often add to obtain a salary level like the ones mentioned. 
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