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How corporate values affect your recruitment

Defining your company’s values if essential to make a coherent recruitment, but also to ease up the new hires’ integration, and limit turnover.


Values: why you shouldn’t forget about them when hiring

During a job interview, many candidates focus only on the missions and responsibilities that will be theirs: by mentioning the skills they can bring to the company (on technology, strategy, management…), but also by proving their will and their motivation to join the company. The notion of “human fit” is important for both sides to have a successful recruitment. However many candidates forget to think beforehand about the values attached to that company.
They forget that values play a determining part in choosing a candidate (as much as skills, motivation, salary…). Let’s take a company whose values are team work, ethics, challenge, and autonomy. Integrating a team will be a lot easier if the candidate shares these values. 

Values: the common base for an easy integration

Sharing values is an excellent base to ease up the integration of new team members. It’s obviously very important to think about a real orientation with different times: meeting the team before the first day, welcome drink, orientation day explaining everyone’s job…).
If a new recruit shares the companies values, employees will unconsciously make it easier to integrate. On the contrary, profiles who don’t share the same values usually have trouble fitting in, which can sometimes lead to resignation.

Values: an easy way to reduce turnover

Sharing values can also be a key element to team growth and retention. If the employees all share the same values, connections are made which help retain employees. The emotional bond between two colleagues will also hold the resignations, or at least open a dialogue and ease-up actions allowing to anticipate a departure. 
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