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Learn to code with the MOOC

With the rise of MOOCS, we now have the opportunity to train ourselves on any topic. There are more and more MOOCS to learn how to code, you will find in this article some MOOCS that will teach you the basics of the code.


MOOCs: the new tools to learn how to code

With the rise of digital, the number of companies looking for developers keeps growing. Big companies and startups are all looking for a technical team capable of building a website and / or an app that will bring them to the top. Given the increasing number of opportunities, many people are turning to computer programming. Whether for professional retraining or simple curiosity, academic training like the Wagon & Simplon or onlines like the Moocs flourish. These are the first ideal approach to learn how to code.

The most useful Web MOOCS to start the code

Among the most popular MOOC , obviously is Open Classroom which has become a must. Thanks to Open Classroom tutorials, everyone can learn how to code at their own pace. This web platform is perfect for starting HTML, PHP and MYSQL. For those who wish to go a little further in learning and who master the language of Shakespeare, nothing better than to go on the Udacity app. Thanks to it you can follow the courses of code decomposed into modules with a final test to validate your knowledge.

Big Data-oriented MOOCS

If you have a slightly more advanced level and want to orient yourself towards Big Data. It is necessary to master the Python language. Nothing better than studying the MOOCs of Udacity and Codeacademy.

Once Python has no more secrets for you, you can get to the heart of the matter with the MOOC on the Data Science offered by Coursera for example or go to http://datasciencemasters.org/.

With the MOOCs no need to move to learn to code :)
Webzine articles and dream jobs

Développeur backend #NodeJS #API @Startup (H/F)

Lyon, France

NodeJS et APIRest sonnent comme une douce mélodie à votre oreille ? Ce projet vous laisse champs libre sur la conception de ses webservices.

CDI Start-up 35 à 45 k€

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