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10 Advices to be outstanding in a job interview

A job interview is a particular exercise, we all have to face one day. Indeed, the job interview is a first step towards the hiring contract. It is therefore necessary to be prepared as much as possible in order to optimize (...)


Get informed on the company and the job

Be curious and visit the official website of the company (social networks and web pages)! Being informed on the company is a proof of interest. It is also a way to understand the concerns of the company. It is recommended to write down all the information you can find on the company that may be valuable during your exchanges. The more you master the subject, the more credibility you gain!

Introduce yourself nicely

Socrates said, "Know yourself." This sentence is particularly relevant for a job interview .
Indeed, when you meet your interviewer for the first time, you are one candidate among many others. To make a difference, it will be necessary to introduce yourself  to highlight your experience. Discuss it with friends and / or former colleagues. What are the experiences and qualities that make you a particularly interesting person for this position?
Finally, if your profile does not quite match the position in question, do not be discouraged. Always be positive! Never formulate anything negative about you such as "Even if I did not ..." or "I do not know but ..." If you got this interview, your profile has already been selected by the recruiter. Focus on your assets!

Take notes

Taking notes shows that you are focus and you are interested in the job.
Write down all the information that is reported to you (company history, missions, salary etc.). It is also recommended to note the first names, names, positions and contact details of the people you met during your interviews. It will give you many information (who will be your manager / co-worker, who is the decision-maker ?).
These notes become very valuable in the perspective of a second interview. On second thought, the notes will give you the overall picture of the job and the company (the questions asked and the problems ). Thanks to them, you will much more confident during the second interview.
This initiative will be rewarded when you receive an offer.

Ask questions

During the interview, ask questions will give you the opportunity to know everything you need in the case you are hired. These concrete and illustrated questions will demonstrate your interest in this position but will also be revealing for the recruiter of your personality.

Be honnest

It should never be forgotten that an interview is done for both parts. The recruiter interviews you and vice versa! When you ask questions do not lie and be honest. Otherwise, you might get a position that you do not like. Thing you might regret in the future.
In addition, the lie is particularly obvious. An honest candidate who knows how to say "no" seems more credible to his interlocutor. A "yes" to all questions often seems suspicious to the recruiter.

Catch the interviewer's attention

An interview is above all a human exchange.
Look at his/her body language. Does he seem interested in your speech? Does he seem convinced by what you say? Indeed, if you do not catch the attention of your interlocutor, you can be sure  to fail your interview!
One of the main keys to concentration is synthesis. When a question is asked, take a few seconds before answering to make a precise and relevant answer. You have to know how to go to straight to the point if you do not want to bother your audience.
Pay particular attention to your tone of voice and body language. Being a good speaker means knowing how to talk with confidence and with a smile! Do not hesitate to take breaks in your speech. On the one hand, it will give you more time to gather your ideas but will also keep the recruiter in suspense.
Finally, use pictures or examples to illustrate your comments. Your arguments will be twice as powerful!

Connect to your interviewer

If the recruiter is attentive to your previous work experiences, he will also focuse on your personality. Remember that the person who is in front of you could also be involved in the hiring process. Your personality will make the difference especially in start-up where the human is extremely important. Employees often work in the same room. 
Seduce the recruiter by your personality. Personality is the essence of your difference. Leave room for spontaneity and do not hesitate to tell small (relevant) stories about your personal and work experiences. Communicate your values ​​and passions. Your interviewer can also share it too.
Finally, consider looking at the Linkedin account of the person you are going to meet (in hidden mode). This is the perfect way to see if you have any relationships or experiences in common.

Give examples

As for a model with his book, there is nothing more useful to support your argument than to bring concrete elements on the table.
Are you a developer? Bring with you an iPad with the web and / or mobile applications you have workedon. This will support your application.
In addition, anticipate the potential recruiter demands and ask for references to your former boss. Insert them in your application file, not forgetting to mention the contact details of the person (name, first name, company and reporting relationship with you).

Take risks

How to make a difference in interview? Take risks!
Be original. Make an interactive resume, create a blog and / or dare a humorous touch. The risks are double-edged but when successful, they are often very impactful.

Be desired

If you succeed in the recruitment process and get a final interview, do not hesitate to make yourself desired with your recruiter but in a subtile way!
Testify your sincere interest in this position but do not hesitate to suggest to your future employer that you are also in process of recruitment with other competitors in order to encourage him to make you an offer.
A desired candidate is always more interesting than another who has no other opportunities!
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