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6 genius tools to boost your productivity

Finding an awesome job is not it, now you must keep it!


You found a great job with Urban Linker? Well done you, champ! We tend to really bond with our candidates, so we thought long and hard about how we could also help them AFTER finding their dream job. We found 6 awesome tools to improve your productivity at work. The goal here is to allow you to impress the gallery by introducing some cool new tools to your open space. You’re welcome!


Say goodbye to emails between colleagues, to “CC me?”, to the minutes, hours, DAYS spent reading the same information all over again… Today, corporate communication goes through Slack: a very convenient instant messaging tool where you can create channels for different teams, share files, send funny little emojis… Reminds you of MSN Messenger, amarite? Well this one is a lot more ergonomic. The only thing missing is the wizz. 


To remain in the email theme, Cleanfox lets you clean your email inbox from all the spams you receive everyday (that includes the 25 newsletters that you subscribed to thinking it would be helpful, but never read). In addition to cleaning up this whole mess (and your head), you help saving the planet! How so, could you ask? Well, know that to reach its recipient, each email goes through the servers of many data centers, and they use a lot of energy. Result: a disastrous carbon footprint. So be nice, and save a tree.


If you too like to build to-do lists to keep your work (and your head) in order, you can stick to the paper format, OR you can switch to the digital age and use Trello, un project management tool quite performing. You can use it to plan your holiday in Greece, but you can also use it to work on a massive project for work. The extra use: you can share your to-do lists with your colleagues, who can modify them as well. We are truly living fascinating times.


Pocket is one of these tools that you could underestimate at first, but who save you a fair amount of time every day. The pitch? You can save any page, image, article, video you found on the world wide web, and sort them directly under your own tag names. Pretty much like putting it in your pocket, you said? Much, much better. 


I know that deep down in every one of us is a Mark Zuckerberg waiting to wake up, but let’s face it: sleeping is awesome. Koober got that right, and offers you a 20min summary of most of the books any entrepreneur should have read. It comes in both PDF and audiobook format, and it’s awesome. Why not take advantage of these long commute to work? 

Silent space

Last but not least, let me tackle one heavy challenge: the open space. Little favorite in the startup world, it has its advantages: communication between colleagues, team spirit, nerf battles… One must admit, sometimes though, a little bit of quiet wouldn’t hurt (hell, it would even make you a lot more efficient). Several options: either you scream at your colleagues to shut up (although we wouldn’t recommend it, especially if you’re on a probation period), either you show Silent Space to your boss. It’s a little gem that creates a protective field around you (almost), lowering down the sounds of gossips, laughs, things that aren’t really helping your work.
That’s all, folks! Don’t hesitate to get back here regularly, other tools will be posted in this article quite soon… (such a tease!)
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