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Graduates: What questions to ask during a job interview?

At the end of most job interviews, the recruiter will give the candidate a chance to ask questions. To show that you are really interested in the business, it is important that you understand the opportunity and were asking (...)


What are the experiences and skills of the ideal candidate for this position?

The open question allows the interviewer to tell you what exactly the company is seeking. If the interviewer mentions a skill or experience you have, but did not mention in your resume, you have the opportunity to know the recruiter.

What do you like in this company?

This question allows you to connect to the interviewer on a personal level. His answer will give you an overview of the corporate culture and the degree of employee satisfaction in the company.

 Of course, if you apply for a job in a small company and the interviewer is the founder of the company, it is useless to ask this question.

Can you tell me about the people with whom I will work ?

It is important to know whose side you will work if you pick up the job, so you can get an idea of ​​where you step. The interview you speak a bit of collaborators with whom you will interact most often and which will give you an overview of the business dynamics.

Why is this position open?

This will let you know if this is a new position or if you replace the previous employee and the reasons for his departure. This gives you an overview of the employees of happiness within the company as well as possible changes in the company.

The company does offer training or further education opportunities?

This question shows that you are willing to learn and grow with the company to perform your role. This is especially important if you are applying for a job in the technology sector.

What are the future trends in the business?

This demonstrates again that you are interested in the company and demonstrates your commitment and energy. Employers want to hire people with ambition and enthusiasm.

What is the next step in the hiring process?

This important question comes to the end of your interview. In asking this question, you show the recruiter that you are really motivated by the work and you are excited to move forward in the hiring process. You can also ask your partner the number of candidates vying for the position.
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