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How to protect and secure your Facebook ?



Taking care of your e-reputation Facebook allows you to optimize your natural referencing, such as a company, because this social network is hyper-referenced on the search engines, so does your profile.

Google yourself

Typing your name on Google is a bit embarrassing, a bit like a loss of control. That's why it's important to take the time to "clean up" your social networks before you start applying for a job. More than half of the recruiters visit the profiles of potential candidates. Facebook comes first. The goal here is to control its SEO  according to its Facebook page so that your privacy remains private.

Managing your Facebook image to make yourself invisible

Tips: Do not leave your profile public because it is by default. To do this, click on the small triangle at the top right and then on "Parameters" and finally everything that is bold below must be activated.

Privacy Policy

Who can see my content ?

- Who can see your future publications? Friends-

- Review all publications and content in which you are identified,

- Limit the visibility of old publications on your journal

Who can find me with a search?

- Who can find you using the email address you provided? Friends

- Who can find you using the phone number you provided? Friends

- Do you want search engines outside of Facebook to display your profile? No

Log and identification part

Who can add content to my Timeline?

- Who can publish in your Timeline? Friends

- Review the publications in which your friends identify you before they appear on your Timeline? Yes

Who can see the contents of my timeline?

- Who can see the publications in which you are identified on your timeline? Friends

- Who can see what other people are publishing on your timeline? Friends

How to handle identifications that other people add and suggestions for identification?

- Examine the identifications that others add to your own publications before they appear on Facebook? Yes

-When you are identified in a publication, who should have access to this information, if not already? Friends

Webzine articles and dream jobs

Community Manager Allemagne ou UK

Paris, France

Anglophone ou Germanophone ? Ce poste est pour vous !

CDI Start-up 30 à 37 k€

Turn your tablet