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How to recruit when you are a start-up ?

You launch your startup, raise some funds. Great, the adventure begins! You will be able to recruit your core team and launch your product. How to recruit candidates when you are a startup?


The biggest companies in the web industry are attracting talent due to their strong brand image, there are few candidates and many competing job offers. The days where only the candidate had to adopt a seductive approach are over, your startup is not well known on the market, so you have to seduce your candidates as well.
The attractiveness of a young company relies on three pillars:
  • The founder
  • The team
  • Expertise and technical challenge
The talents will join a startup for its mindset and its culture. It is the founder's role to instill it.

Emphasize the founder's personality and the project

In a small company, you will have the opportunity to work directly with the founder. It is therefore important that you highlight your personality and your human qualities. Moreover, in an early stage project context, the potential precariousness of your adventure can frighten ... Consequently you must give a maximum visibility on the project and its purpose / utility as well as on the roadmap business. You will gradually onboard the candidate by integrating him to the project and will reassure him/ her by sharing your strategic vision and demonstrating your managerial skills.

The team

When you are looking to recruit your first employees, it is important to include your entire team in the recruitment process. The development of a young start-up relies on the support and the motivation of its teams to the project, it is indeed essential to ensure the human and cultural fit. The candidate will be more likely to understand your culture. Do not hesitate to share as much as possible about your company's life (afterworks, events etc.) and your values. For more information on the role of values ​​in recruitment, I invite you to read the article written by Clément.

Expertise and technical challenges

You will compete with famous companies such as BlablaCar, Deezer or even more recently Leetchi ... Do not hesitate to give many details on your technical roadmap: technos "state of the art", implementation of good development practices, what are the current topics, what are the next steps? Do not forget that you are looking for a talent that fit with your project. This visibility will help him to project himself in your company.

Set up you recruiting strategy

In the acceleration phase, the recruitment is a real strategic stake, but you (like all entrepreneurs) are focus on business. even though you have to keep in mind that recruitment is full-time job.

To win, it is vital to structure its communication strategy by borrowing as many channels as possible:
  • Your network: First thing you have to check, it may allow you to find a person you already know.
  • JobBoards: there are many with different specificities.
  • Head hunters
We talk about headhunters, recruitment consultants or recruiters. Some are generalist and others specialized. Those ones, specialized firms such as Hector in the HR or Urban Linker in digital jobs, are both experts in recruitment and experts in their field of specialization. The role of these consultants is to assist you in defining your recruitment strategy, to give you advice on the profile you look for and to help you identify the skills and motivation levers.

There you go ! You are now ready to recruit your Core Team! ;)
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