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How to refuse a job?

You have several job offers and do not know which one to choose ? This article is for you.


Stay in touch with the recruiter

The world is small, especially in the universe of startups! Relaxing the atmosphere can sometimes be useful to cool down the situation. You can also refer to a topic that you have discussed, such as a common event or hobby.

Otherwise, you can simply wish the best to your interlocutor. You can say, for example:

"I hope to meet you next month at this conference / meetup"

"It was a pleasure to meet you, and I hope we will have the opportunity to meet again."

"Again, thank you for the time you have given me, and I wish you all the best."

Rejecting a job offer is never easy and it is natural that you to not feel comfortable in this exercise. But remember, this is a crucial step to get the job of your dreams.


​When you are looking for the job of your dreams, it is common to have several interviews in different companies. This gives you an overview of the scope of the job, your future manager and the corporate culture.

If the recruitment process went well you'll usually get one or more job offer(s). So you have to make a choice and select the offer that suits you best. It's never easy to say no to a job offer, you need to find the right words to avoid compromising your relationship with the employer.

Here are some tips for refusing a job. 

Show that you enjoyed the exchange with the recruiter

First, it is important to thank the person in charge of recruitment for its proposal and its time. Yes, getting interviews potential candidates is part of his job, but that person probably spent several hours reading your resume, paring your social networks and to make you pass the interviews.

To sums it up, when you say no to a job, you must be sincere and thank your interviewer to not offend him. For example you can say:

"Thank you very much for your offer of Lead Developer. Thank you for taking the time to consider my application and answering all my questions about the company and the position. "

"I thank you again for the interview last week, I enjoyed meeting with the team and visiting your offices. I enjoyed our discussions on the post Growth Hacker and thank you for this generous offer. "

you must be sincere and thank your interviewer

Give a brief and sincere response

It is very important to give the reason (s) for which you decline the offer to the recruiter, especially if you have spent a lot of interviews in the recruitment process. This reflects a form of respect.

That said, you do not need to go into too much detail. No need to mention the alarms you've seen in your future manager, benefits in kind awesome that you were proposing another company or how you have procrastinated for a week to make your decision.

Being short is probably the best approach. Be honest about the reason you mention to refuse the position. Here are some phrases to say no to an offer:

"After careful consideration, I have decided to accept a position in another company. "

"After much thought, I think this is not the best time to leave my current position. "

"Although this job seems like a great opportunity, I decided to focus my research to another role that will eventually offer me more development prospects. "
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