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How to unearth the best startups ?

The best tips to get your dream job in a great startup.


Deepen your research on the web

Most candidates will conduct research on the Internet prior to job interviews to ensure they can answer all the "pitfalls" questions. Use this time to analyze the site of the company you are applying for. Look at the sections : company culture, its values ​​and its social policy. Social networks can tell you more about the company, thanks to the tone (light, fun or serious) and the positioning it has adopted. There are also a growing number of forums on which employees rate and comment on the start-up in which they work. (such as glassdoor)

Look for external signals

Distinctions are a good indicator of whether you can be happy in a company. Rewards such as "best employer" or "best place to work" should be considered. If you see that the company for which you wish to apply has received a prize, carefully analyze the reasons why the organization was rewarded.

Compare your salary

This is a crucial topic! There are various online tools (salary studies, for example) that will allow you to estimate your average salary by taking into account your skills and experience. Be careful if you find that the salary that you have been offered is below average. Also look at the benefits the startup offers you, this can sometimes be worth having a lower salary with many benefits.

Look at other benefits

The benefits offered by a company can really make a difference in your daily life. Learn about those to see if the company has a real social policy with its employees. Does the company provide meal vouchers or has its own a restaurant? Are employers flexible on work schedules? Can you do home office ? You can get these answers during your job interview, so prepare it seriously !

Ask people you know

Ask your friends and family to get in touch with someone who is already working for the company you are targeting. Ask them if they receive ongoing training and if  it is easy to get new responsibilities. Does the company listen to its employees ? Can they implement certain projects? It is also important to know the turnover of the company, it is a good indicator regarding the wellbeing of employees.

Talk to a headhunter

If you know a headhunter, call him or her and let him/her know and ask any questions you may have. He knows perfectly the companies he work with. Thus, he will have an overview of the company's expectations, the hired profiles and its policy towards its employees. The main purpose of the consultant is to find the best fit between the candidate and the company. He will guide you and will give you all the the useful information to select the best opportunity.
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